Motion Origin

Our Mission

Design is craft, we at Moog. have a mission to be as personal as possible to our clients, and to understand their brand further. We believe that the more we know, the more ideas we can bring up to the table for our clients. Therefore, the transparency of a client and the communication between the team is important. It allows us to ensure that the message of our client’s brand is aligned with the concept and overall direction. It’s just like how you build a relationship with your regular hair stylist, and he or she knows what exactly you want most of the time, and you are sincerely open to suggestions from them and accepting them gracefully. Yeah, we build relationships like that with our clients.

Our Story

The team at Moog came from different backgrounds, from motion designers to visual effect artists, to film editors. After years of good & bad job experiences, we cross-path and realized that we share the same vision and dream, which is to do work in a different way, a way where we can define ourselves. We make projects successful through research, analysis and hardwork, hence the line : We share your vision, not simply executing briefs. We believe that the different way of working is to clearly understand our clients, and that is where we get to show our problem solving skills. Your brand and vision is important to us, as your brand drive you sales, your trust drives ours

Work & Play

As the saying : “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We don’t only do work for our clients, we create for ourselves too! There are situations where a client might turn down a concept or idea of ours but hey, that doesn’t end there! We utilize the concept and apply it on our personal projects after work. We believe that design & taste is really subjective, therefore we will never be demotivated by rejections and always continue to create. Oh and yes, other than design related stuff, we do the usual fun stuffs like playing badminton and futsal, and any kind of other sports or workouts. Come and have fun with us!

We were created to create

Meet The Team

  • Nicholas Lai

    Creative Producer

  • KK Lai

    Art Director

  • Jiun Hao Cheng

    Technical Director

  • MC Lim

    Creative Director

Our Capabilities

Motion Design & Branding

We provide you with innovative solution that allows our Design works to drive our Client’s brand message, without jeopardizing the content and quality. From initial pre-visualisation to the final product, our team looks deep down into the brand and hand-picks Visual Elements, fuse realistic lighting, amazing camera works and well-paced animation to create our final piece.

Post - Production

Our team of Artists and Editors works¬†hand-in-hand with Directors and designers. We manage your projects from Pre-Production stage up till the final of Post-Production, bringing our Client’s imaginative vision to life. From offline edits to visual effects liquid and smoke simulations, we make sure that your project meets the deadline and fulfills both creative expectation and budget requirement.

Video Production & Storytelling

We believe that every project handed over to us, whether large or small, has a story to tell. Our team studies your brand and applies visual storytelling to further create emotional and enthralling piece of art. The design-obsessed team at Moog fuses both Storytelling and design together.

Let's Work Together!